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One of the novelties of the A-MORE brand is the new Eternal collection. 
It was born from Camilla's determination to launch a challenge: to try to produce handcrafted made in Italy garments and accessories with excellent quality products, enhancing their originality with the A-MORE brand.
This is to give a stronger stylistic imprint to its brand, always combining quality and emotions.
The first example of this collection is the Clarissa coat. It is a tailored garment that can be customized according to the measurements of the buyer, not in large quantities but of high quality.
As you may have seen in the Reel on A-MORE, the seamstress Fiorella explains how an artisan garment is produced: "You think about the garment, you design it, you have knowledge of the fabrics and choose the most suitable one, you create the model, you cut it, packs you try it and you finish it. Scissors are the only mechanical means allowed and the hands and experience of the seamstress do the rest.”
A product that is born in this way is the enhancement of craftsmanship and our history.
The seamstress Fiorella created a totally personalized model from scratch that adapted to Camilla's every desire and shape. Once the style was chosen, it was time to choose the most suitable fabric for making the tailored coat. Even in this phase, the experience and knowledge of the tailor were fundamental in recommending a fabric that would allow for one tailored fit perfect based on Camilla's model and wishes. It was even possible to produce a custom fabric for the interior with the unmistakable monogram of A-MORE.
The result is a fantastic soft, warm and enveloping coat that will accompany you this winter.
Clarissa, the flagship product of the collection, thanks to the excellence of Italian tailoring, aims to revive the qualitative values of the past and apply them to the contemporary to continue a tradition and allow a young boy to have a unique handcrafted garment.




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