Rules of the "A-More Giveaway" prize competition

Pursuant to art. 11 of the Decree of the President of the Republic No. 430 of 26 October 2001.

Promoting Company 

A-More S.r.l.


Registered office address 

Largo Cesare Balbo 2, 28100 Novara (NO)


VAT number and tax code 



Purpose and promotional products  

Promote the promoter's brand and image.


Delegated subject 

IPM Italia Srl, Via Alessandro Stradella 13, 20129 Milan (MI)


Territorial area




Dal 11/04/2022 al 17/04/2022


Final extraction 

By 04/29/2022


Presumed prize money 

Euro 1,800 (VAT included).



Individuals, residents and / or domiciled in the area territorial (hereinafter "User / s").



Surety with the beneficiary of the Ministry of Economic Development to guarantee 100% of the expected prize money (pursuant to Article 7 paragraph 3 of Presidential Decree No. 430 of 26 October 2001).

Advertising material

This event will be advertised through online communication and social networks. The promoter reserves the right to advertise the event in the manner most suitable for him. In any case, this event will be advertised in accordance with these regulations.


Publication of the regulation

The complete regulation will be available on the website:


Contest theme:

The theme of the competition is to publish a comment under the post dedicated to the event.

Procedure for the competition:

During the competition period, from 11 April 2022 to 17 April 2022, it will be possible to participate in this competition and compete for the winning of the final draw prizes, without any obligation to purchase products or services, through the game mode described below.

During the promotional period, the Promoting Company will publish on its official page one (1) content (hereinafter "Post").
To participate in the competition, the User
during the promotional period, you will have to log in to Instagram (of hereinafter "IG") with their credentials, and then:

  • Follow the official pages of the Promoter Company @ a.moreofficial and @camillaclemente

  • Comment on the Post, tagging two (2) friends (hereinafter "Comment (s)").

    At the end of the promotional period, all Users who have posted a valid Comment to the Post, will obtain one (1) participation ticket for the purposes of the extraction expected final.
    Each User may enter the number of Comments he prefers or tag more than two (2) friends in the same Comment, however, for the purposes of
    offinal draw, will compete only with the first Comment to the Post.

    Comments containing less than two (2) tagged friends will not be considered valid for participation. All Comments must be posted until 11:59 pm on the last day scheduled for the promotional period of play.

    Responsibility of the User:

    The participant declares:

  • that the Comment does not contain abusive, abusive, defamatory, threatening or written by pornographic, vulgar or obscene nature, under penalty of immediate exclusion from the competition;

  • that in the Comment there are no names of brands of other companies not involved in this competition or that even indirectly represent other companies not involved in this competition;

  • to be aware that the responsibility for the content of the Comment is borne by you and consequently to indemnify the Promoting Company from any harmful consequence and any request for compensation, including legal fees, in relation to non-compliance with the Rules for participation in the competition. Therefore, the Promoting Company will not be in any way responsible for any claims for compensation, of any nature, made by third parties as a result of the subjects and / or objects reported in the comment;

  • to be aware that the violation of the foregoing may cause, as soon as it is detected, immediate exclusion from the competition, without prejudice to greater damage;

  • to be aware that once the Comment is published, it will be available online. The society Promoter will not be liable in any way for any use and / or abuse that third parties to Promoting Company may possibly make published and / or disseminated materials;

  • to be aware that the published Comment must necessarily be consistent with the theme proposed by the competition, therefore contain the tag for two friends, under penalty of immediate exclusion from competition itself.


    Any Comment published for the purposes of this Competition will be subject to un action of moderation. Alone the approved Comments will be valid for the purposes of this initiative.
    In any case, the Promoting Company reserves the right to delete, at any time and therefore even after their publication via the IG channel, any content that in its sole discretion could be harmful to the rights of third parties, offensive or unsuitable.

    All material sent / published by Users must not contain any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, or other computer programs aimed at damaging, interfering in a prejudicial manner,

surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any data of the system used for uploading the photos and in any case on the online page dedicated to the competition.
The Promoting Company also reserves the right to remove the uploaded Comments at any time, independently or at the request of third parties, as well as the Judicial Authority and / or the competent Guarantors, in the event of disputes relating to the lawfulness or legitimacy of the their publication.

Participation and limitations:

Participation in the competition is only allowed to natural persons, resident and / or domiciled in the Nazi territoryonal already registered on Instagram before the start of the competition.
For the purposes of participation, each User will compete to the final extraction with a maximum of one (1) participation title obtained with the first valid Comment published on the Post during the promotional period. The sending of any further valid ones Comments, beyond the first, referring to the same Post, will not give the right to further participation certificates.

Each User can win up to a maximum of one (1) prize.
NB. For the purposes of the validity of the
participation by the User will have to result in the elnco of the people who follow the pages of the Promoting Company (@ a.moreofficial and @camillaclemente) on the assignment date.


Employees or collaborators of the Promoting Company, of the delegated party and of all the companies involved in the development and management of the competition are excluded from participation.

Final extraction:

L’the final drawing of the winners will be held by 04/29/2022 in the presence of a notary or manager consumer protection and public faith. The assignment can also take place via videoconference. have finished of the final extraction of the winners, the Promoting Company will prepare a special archive containing all the valid participants in compliance with the rules set out in this competition.

Three (3) winners and ten (10) reserves will be drawn. The reserves will only be used in the event of non prizes assigned or not required and will be contacted following the extraction order.

Prizes to be won:

Description of the award


Comm. Value each (VAT included)


Total Comm Value (VAT included)

Meet&Greet con Camilla Clemente*




* The prizes consist of a “Meet & Greet” with Camilla Clemente with a program of experiential activities in her company, for two people (the winner and a companion) to be held at the discretion of the Promoting Company in Novara, by July 2022.

The prize includes:

  • Economy class transport for two people to and from the provincial capital where the

    winner in Novara, public transport, train or plane;

  • Transfer for two people to / from the station / airport to the hotel;

  • Participation in the program activities with Camilla Clemente;

  • 1 night stay for two people in a double room in a 4-star hotel or

    superior with breakfast treatment;

  • Internal transfers to the activities included in the program.

    The following are excluded from the prize:

  • The transport costs from the winning home and the accompanying person to the station / airport of the

    provincial capital of departure and transport costs for the return from the railway station / airport

    provincial capital of departure to one's home;

  • Extra / personal expenses;

  • All services other than those not expressly mentioned.


The trip \ experience must be used collectively together with the other winners and companions and will be planned by July 2022. The Promoting Company will communicate all the details of the trip to the winners in advance.
The choice of the means of transport will be communicated by the Promoting Company to the winner. The Promoting Company will be entitled to choose the most suitable mode of transport for the winner to arrive
at the airport / departure station.

It will be the sole responsibility of the winners and accompanying persons to take care of obtaining all documents, permits, Covid test / "Greenpass" certification, in the times required by the Promoting Company, necessary for being able to travel or to participate in the event.
The winner will have nothing to claim if, for any reason, once the booking has been confirmed, he will no longer be able to take advantage of the prize. In any case, the prize will be considered fully assigned and the winner will have nothing more to expect from the Promoting Company.

In the event that on the agreed day, the winner and / or accompanying person is notif they present or are unable to present all the documentation requested by the Promoting Company, the prize will be considered fully awarded and nothing will be due.
The unit value of the prize is determined on a presumptive basis, in particular in consideration of the fact that it will have to cover the costs of moving from any capital city of residence on Italian territory of the winner and
of the accompanying person up to Novara. If the use of the premium generates a cost lower than the definitive valueon a presumptive basis, no adjustment can be requested by the winner.

Force majeure causes - situation linked to Covid:
If during the course of the initiative, the prizes are no longer available or do not more to be present on the market, or are available with different timelines than those agreed for unexpected impossibility or for reasons not attributable to the Promoting Company, the latter will provide for deliver to the winners replacement prizes of a value not less than that of the prizes promised with these regulations and the winners may in no way claim to receive exactly the prizes indicated above.

Market value of the prizes:

The total estimated prize money is Euro 1,800.00 (VAT included).
The market value of the prizes is to be understood on the date of drafting the regulation.

Communication of winnings and delivery of prizes:

Within 5 working days from the extraction date, the winners will be contacted to communicate the win by private message to their Instagram profile, providing all the instructions to be able to claim the prize.
Upon receipt of the notification of winning, the winners will have 5 days to send to the indiemail address indicated in the communication itself, the following documentation:

  • Reward acceptance form duly completed with personal data;

  • Photocopy of a valid identity document;

  • Photocopy of a valid identity document deThe accompanying person *.

    It should be noted that in the case of prizes awarded to a minor User, a parent or guardian is required legal authorize the win, also providing a copy of a valid identity document.

    If a winner does not send the duly completed prize acceptance form, a photocopy of a valid identity document, or in case of unavailability of the winner, and as in the case of any other irregularity, the prize will be considered not awarded. The first reserve drawn will be contacted following the same methodology and so on until the award of the prize to a reserve is possible. In case of non-assignment of the prize also to the reserves, the prize will be awarded to the non-profit organization in charge. The Promoting Company assumes no responsibility for any documentation not received for any misunderstandings or causes of any other kind.

    The Promoting Company reserves the right to carry out the checks it deems necessary in order to guarantee compliance with the conditions of participation.

* The companion must be mandatoryadult in the case of underage winners.

However, only adult winners will be given the right to indicate as an accompanying person

a minor. In this case, the minor accompanying person must be authorized by

genitourinaryking / legal guardian to be able to take advantage of the award by signing a specific release.

Delegation of prizes:

The winner of an award will not be entitled to delegate the award to third parties.

Awarding of Prizes:

The delivery of the prizes will be borne by the Promoting Company and will be carried out using the method deemed most appropriate by the same, to guarantee the delivery of the prize to the winner.

Deadline for the delivery of the Prizes:

The deadline for delivery of the prizes will be within 6 months of the deadline of the promotional event or from the date of request for the prizes, as established by the D.P.R. 430 of 26/10/2001.

Unassigned or unsolicited prizes:

Unassigned or unsolicited prizes, other than those rejected, will be donated to the following non-profit organization: ABIO Italia Foundation Onlus for Children in the Hospital, Via Don Gervasini, 33 20153 Milano Cod. Fisc. 97384230153.

Payment of the withholding tax:

The Promoting Company undertakes to pay the tax within the terms and to the extent envisaged pursuant to art. 30 of the Presidential Decree n. 600 of 09/29/1973.

Waiver of the right to pay back:

The Promoting Company declares to waive the right to recover the withholding tax in favor of the winners (Article 30, Presidential Decree 29/09/1973 n. 600).

Rejection of the Award:

In the event that the winners expressly refuse the prize, it may remain at the disposal of the Promoting Company.

Server location:

The society Promoter declares that the participant data collection server is located abroad. The "mirror" system solution was adopted to replicate data to a server located in the area national. The Promoting Company undertakes to provide the Public Administration with the database relating to the prize event upon simple request also made to the company's tax representative or to subject who is legally entitled to have judicial and extrajudicial relations with the PA.

It is specified that:

By participating in the competition, the User declares to have read and accepted these regulations.
The costs related to the internet connection, necessary for participation in the competition, will be borne by the Users.
For the purposes of the regulations it is specified that this prize competition is in no way sponsored,
supported or administered by the social network "Instagram" and in no way associated with the latter. Instagram will have no liability towards the participants in the promotion.
In the event that the name and surname set on the Instagram profile by the winner do not match those on the identity document, the Promoting Company may request the winner to provide adequate documentation proving the ownership of their Instagram account.
It is specified that
the User who tag one or more friends will respond for any liability arising from said action towards the people tagged.
All prizes up for grabs are not convertible into cash, nor are the winners given the right to request, with or without
the addition of money, the possibility of receiving alternative prizes even if of lower value.
Any request by the User for an alternative reward cannot eg
evenings granted.
In order to validate any winnings, the User who participates in the competition must have a valid identification document.

Privacy disclaimer:

By joining this initiative, Users agree that the personal data provided to the Promoting Company in relation to participation in this competition will be processed in compliance with the provisions of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to theincrease of personal data, including through the use of electronic tools, for the purposes exclusively connected to the complete development of this competition.

The data controller is A-More S.r.l., Largo Cesare Balbo 2, 28100 Novara (NO). For more information visit the website

Requirements and guarantees:

The Promoting Company assumes no responsibility for any problem of access, impediment, dysfunction or difficulty with technical tools, computers, cables, electronics, software and hardware, transmission and connection, telephone line, connection Internet that can prevent to the User to participate in the competition and / or to receive notification of a win.

The Promoting Company reserves the right to prevent participation or cancel the win for all Users who do not participate in good faith (double identities, multiple registrations of the same person with different Instagram accounts, Comments / tags irregular, registration on Instagram following the start of the competition, accumulation prize, etc.).

The society Promoter also assumes no responsibility in the event of failure to deliver the notice of win due to the indication of addresses and- incorrect or untruthful emails and / or personal data from the winners, or if the mailbox is full, the mailbox is no longer active, the emails are not received on time, in how much do you end up in spam or the e-mail indicated in the registration phase is included in a black-list, and any further case whose responsibility is not attributable to the Promoting Company.

The Promoting Company cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any problems that may arise during the use of the prizes up for grabs and cannot be held responsible for the improper use of the prizes from part of the winners. In the event of breakdowns or malfunctions, the manufacturer / distributor warranties and the related limitations or extensions referring to the warranties attached to the individual prizes apply.

Users who, according to the unquestionable judgment of the Promoting Company or of third parties appointed by the same to manage the competition, are winners with means and tools indo to evade the uncertainty, or in any case judged in a suspicious, fraudulent way, or in violation of the normal course of the initiative, they will not be able to enjoy the prize won in that way. The Promoting Company, or the companies appointed by it to manage the competition, reserve the right to proceed, in the terms deemed most appropriate, and in compliance with the laws in force, to limit and inhibit any initiative aimed at circumventing the system devised. The images and colors of the awards present on all promotional material are purely indicative.

For anything not indicated in these Regulations, the Promoting Company refers to the provisions of the D.P.R. 430/01.