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Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small amount of information that is downloaded to your computer or device when you visit our site. We use a variety of different cookies, including functional, performance, advertising and social media or content cookies. Cookies improve your browsing experience by allowing the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login and region selection). This means that you don't have to re-enter this information every time you return to the site or navigate from page to page. Cookies also provide information on how people use the website, for example, if it is their first time visiting or if they are a frequent visitor. We use the following cookies to optimize your experience on our site and to provide our services.
Cookies necessary for the operation of the shop
_ab Used -- used to log in to Admin.
_secure_session_id Used -- used while browsing the site..
cart Used -- used in the shopping cart.
cart_sig Used -- used in the checkout process.
cart_ts Used -- used in the checkout process..
checkout_token Used -- used in the checkout process..
secret Used -- used in the checkout process..
secure_customer_sig Used -- used in the checkout process..
storefront_digest Used -- used in the checkout process..
Cookies used for Reporting and Analytics
_tracking_consent -- used for tracking preferences
_landing_page -- used for tracking landing pages
_orig_referrer-- used for tracking landing pages
_s -- used by Shopify analytics.
_shopify_fs -- used by Shopify analytics.
_shopify_s -- -- used by Shopify analytics.
_shopify_sa_p -- Shopify analytics related to marketing & referrals..
_shopify_sa_t -- Shopify analytics related to marketing & referrals..
_shopify_y -- used by Shopify analytics.
_y -- used by Shopify analytics.
ll periodo di tempo in cui un cookie rimane sul tuo computer o dispositivo mobile dipende dal fatto che si tratti di un cookie "persistente" o di "sessione". I cookie di sessione durano fino a quando non si interrompe la navigazione e i cookie persistenti durano fino alla scadenza o vengono eliminati. La maggior parte dei cookie che utilizziamo sono persistenti e scadono tra 30 minuti e due anni dalla data in cui vengono scaricati sul tuo dispositivo.
The length of time a cookie remains on your computer or mobile device depends on whether it is a "persistent" or "session" cookie. Session cookies last until you stop browsing and persistent cookies last until they expire or are deleted. Most of the cookies we use are persistent and expire between 30 minutes and two years from the date they are downloaded to your device.
You can control and manage cookies in various ways. Please note that removing or blocking cookies can have a negative impact on your user experience and parts of our website may no longer be fully accessible.
Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can choose whether or not to accept cookies through the browser controls, often found in the browser's "Tools" or "Preferences" menus. For more information on how to change your browser settings or how to block, manage or filter cookies, you can find the browser help file or through sites such as
Also, please note that blocking cookies may not completely prevent the way we share information with third parties such as our advertising partners. To exercise your rights or opt out of certain uses of your information by these parties, please follow the instructions in the "Behavioral Advertising" section above.
Revisions We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to our practices or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons.
Contacts For more information on our privacy practices, if you have any questions or would like to file a complaint, please contact us by email at or by post using the details provided below: Camilla Clemente A-MORE, Largo Cesare Balbo, 2, 28100 Novara (NO), Italy
Last updated: November 10, 2020