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Black Friday!

The highly anticipated Black Friday of A-MORE is back again this year!
An opportunity to stock up on A-MORE products and be organized in advance with Christmas gifts.
Also in 2022 the best-selling item was the Fine Line, now a must for all fans of the Brand, followed by A-MORE Pearl and Silver rush.
Like Halloween, Black Friday is an American tradition that in recent years has also established itself in Europe and Italy, unleashing a real frenetic race to grab the desired objects at a super affordable price. 
It is thought that the origin of Black Friday is not very old but dates back to 1924, when the American chain Macy's organized the first sale the day after Thanksgiving to celebrate the start of Christmas shopping. 
The party that is much older is Thanksgiving. It is held every fourth Thursday in November and officially became an annual holiday in the United States in 1863, when Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it the Thanksgiving Day celebration, in the midst of the Civil War.
How do Americans celebrate it? They gather around a table, sitting as a family, ready to take turns thanking God, life, friends, relatives for what they have had during the year.
Here perhaps in addition to Black Friday we too should have a day in which we stop to think about who we have to say THANK YOU and with whom we want to share our thoughts.
Our Thanksgiving: A perfect time to reflect on the past months to share with your family and friends. Being able to spend some time chatting about good memories and happy moments with those we love. 
Camilla and her family had Thanksgiving dinner.
She said thanks to her family for the love she receives every day, to her friends with whom she spends unforgettable moments, to her collaborators who help her every day in her business and to the community that supports her every day.
Who would you say thank you to?

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