Calendario dell'Avvento 2022 di A-MORE

A-MORE Advent Calendar 2022

Advent calendar
Do you want to know the origin of the Advent Calendar?
The tradition of the Advent Calendar began in the countries of Northern Europe. In fact, several sources say that a little German child, Gherard Lang, was always very impatient to celebrate Christmas and asked his mother every day: “When is Christmas coming? How many days are left?".
The baby's mother, tired of hearing the same question every day, decided one year to cook some spiced biscuits, typical of the Christmas period. Then he divided them into 24 small bags and gave one a day to little Gherard, from 1 December to the eve, so that it was also easy for him to keep time until Christmas and did it again year after year, throughout his childhood. .
As an adult, in the early 1900s, Gherard developed his mom's idea and made the first Advent Calendar, printing a billboard with 24 windows that moms could fill with cookies, sweets and chocolate to help children count. the days until Christmas.

Sounds like Cami's story.
So impatient and eager to get to Christmas that every year her mother and grandmother bought her 2 advent calendars so that she wouldn't keep asking: "How many days are left until Christmas?"
So when Camilla started her A-MORE adventure, one of the first things she wanted to devise was an Advent calendar to unite the whole community in anticipation of one of the most beautiful parties ever: Christmas !
I do not tell you the disappointment of last year when she had to give up in the face of all the complications due to the delays in her orders. To which were added the inconvenience of moving the office and warehouse to today's larger headquarters and the lack of collaborators.

But this year he managed to make one of his wishes come true.
Finally this year there is the first A-MORE Advent calendar!

Camilla conceived and had the various surprises created: there are a total of 12 out of 24 boxes so that the cost was not too high and that as many people as possible could share the anticipation of Christmas with her.
Great protagonist of the calendar is his beloved dachshund Jackson with whom he took pictures and shootings that you can see in this one TikTok (
What will you find of Jackson?
Then there will be some cute A-MORE jewels, lots of limited edition stickers and surprises that will make your waiting for this Christmas 2022 more exciting!
So in December, are you all ready to share your emotions with the community?
We await photos and comments!

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