Camilla's Birthday

Camilla's Birthday

October 24, 2022 Camilla's birthday: 20 years old!

Do we really know everything about her?

We often see her on Tik Tok and Instagram and we know, in detail, all the steps of creating her A-MORE business

From the cellar to a company in 2 years.

1.80 tall, more or less blonde, long and / or short hair, passion for fashion.

Her official biography, Wikipedia style, tells that Camilla was born in Pavia on October 24, 2002, the city where she will remain until the second grade. He moved to Novara for his parents' business reasons and finished elementary school. Then he attended the Middle School with musical address, devoting himself to the study of the violin. He continues his studies by attending the Liceo Linguistico; in the fourth year he manages to fly to Colorado in the United States for one semester. The pandemic forces her to return early but the most important baggage she brings home is the determination to want and be able to make her dream come true. The adventure of the A-MORE brand begins with stubbornness, enthusiasm and also with the lightness of 17 years. Now his adventure has turned into a real business and day after day he invests time and energy to support it, as well as attending a university course in Economics and Management.

How about getting to know Cami better by subjecting her to some questions that may not have been asked yet?

20 years, so I would say 20 questions


1-Cami what is the birthday present that made you sadder?

A pair of earrings because I don't have pierced ears. Now, however, I am quite determined to give them to me also because I would really like to wear A-MORE earrings

2-And the gift that made you happier?

Undoubtedly the Barbie castle in third grade

3-What is your favorite dessert?

The chocolate cake with a soft heart. I once tried to share it with a friend of mine at the end of a dinner but when she saw my blissful gaze as I tasted it, she decided to let me eat it all!

4-What is your favorite animal?

I state that I have a passion for all animals. I would spend hours observing them, especially in their natural environment. But if I have to choose my favorite animal, it's the Gorilla

5-Favorite movie?

My favorite film is About time: deep, sad but light at the same time.

6-The movie that made you cry the most?

Without a doubt Up and when I was little Bambi

7-What is your biggest phobia?

Insects and spiders

8-Your favourite color?

Lilac and pinks

9-The best holiday?

This year I was on the road in California: it was fantastic !!

10-What would you like to do?

I would love to go to Africa for a Safari to be able to see the animals in their habitat.

11-The most welcome compliment you have received?

I must say that every day I receive many compliments which are clearly always welcome. Who doesn't like getting compliments? However, my entire community pampers me every day with positive comments and encouragement. Thankseeee

12-The sentence that hurt you the most?

Some people who at the beginning of my A-MORE adventure told me that I would not go anywhere and that I would not last even 2 months.

13-What did you want to do as a child?

The dancer

14-Your favorite sport?

Classical dance

15-What do you like most about yourself?

Although it is not easy for a girl to be tall, also because she doesn't feel so graceful, I would say height.

16-What less?

Well my feet ... a little too big.

17-What's your favourite singer?

I love Mac Miller.

18-What quality are you looking for in a companion *?

Without a doubt, intelligence. With that you can get to anything.

19-And the quality you are looking for in friendship?

Always be there! In happy and sad moments.

20-What do you wish for your new year?

First of all I hope to be able to balance study, work and personal life because it always seems to me to leave something behind. As for A-MORE, I hope that it will be able to grow and expand in Europe and that my beloved community will participate more and more in all the changes.

Thanks Cami again best wishes and see you in 2023!


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tantissimi auguri Cami!!


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