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The power of creativity

Camilla was interviewed on Friday at 'WomanX Impact 2022', an event dedicated to women's empowerment, leadership and entrepreneurship which took place in Bologna from 17 to 19 November.
It is an international event, created to give voice and prominence to women who are investing in their careers and to draw attention to companies that have engaged in projects in the field of Diversity & Inclusion.
In her interview, Camilla underlined how TikTok can be of support to small businesses and retraced the beginnings of her entrepreneurial process when, even a little incredulous, she began to have the first people who followed her and who, either out of curiosity or affection, they were waiting for the first products of A-MORE.
Subsequently, the community and followers of TikTok increased and through social networks Camilla continued to communicate, both seriously and playfully but always sincerely, the various steps of her business growth.
For many of you, Camilla is a sister to tell that you want the necklace a little shorter, that you prefer the bracelet in a silver version and that the coat is too expensive. And rightly so! Because this is how you help Camilla to create and develop the various products and to create one of the first 'community brands'.
Also try to see and support Camilla as a person who in two years has managed to create a company from a passion that today has 6 employees and more than 20 external collaborators.
Two years spent with ups and downs and with difficulty because in addition to trying to establish herself as a woman in the world of work, Camilla has to fight against the lack of credibility due to her young age and the use of social media.
This is also A-MORE: a growth project towards the change of the concepts of Diversity & Inclusion.

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