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A-MORE Camilla Clemente

A-MORE Queen Of Hearts - Sweater

A-MORE Queen Of Hearts - Sweater

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Queen Of Hearts, the soft chunky wool sweater by A-MORE.

Its land of origin is India where it was created entirely by hand and knitted by a reality created by Denielle, an Australian lady who 10 years ago met some women in an ancient rural village with whom she created a tailoring business.

Queen Of Hearts was born to be a hymn to dreams, the passion and the work needed to make them come true. It's a cry of creative freedom that reminds us that love is not enough and we need more!

In 100% wool, Queen Of Hearts has an oversized fit, the cuffs and crew neck recall the color of A-MORE. The back is characterized by the presence of a large upside-down heart, symbol of the brand and its Community.


100% work

One size (see photo)

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